Lythwood Shetland Sheepdogs
Ch and CC winners in Britain by our owned/bred Dogs
(this page is updated 21.04.201


Sired by Ch Lythwood Scooby Doo  (photo) s/born 16.04.2008  
(Ch Lythwood Sascha JW  ex  Lythwood Stylist)

Lythwood Salopian s/dog/
Born 07.04.2011 (ex Terriwood Saskia of Lythwood) CC 20.04.2013
Nordic Ch Lythwood Sundealer s/dog/Born 05.06.2011 (ex Lythwood Maria) CC in Norway and Sweden 2014



Sired by Ch Lythwood Sascha JW (photo) s/born 16.06.2004  
(Ch Lythwood Shalako  ex  Lythwood Scarlett Ribbon)

Ch Lythwood Scooby Doo s/dog/
Born 16.04.2008 (ex Lythwood Stylist) CC in 2009 and 2xCC in 2010
Ch Lythwood Starlight Express s/dog/Born 26.07.2007 (ex Lythwood Shakira) 3xCC in 2010/2011 and (5xResCC)
Ch Sanscott Sweet City Woman s/bitch (ex Sanscott Uptown Girl) 1xBOB, 3CC


Sired by
Ch Lythwood Sixsmith
(photo) s/born 09.02.2000  
(Ch Lythwood Steptoe  ex Ch Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel)

Ch Japaro Shotgun of Lochkaren s/dog/born 17.05.2002 (ex Ch Japaro Satin'N'Lace)
Ch Russ Ch Lythwood Terriwood Stormy Nite, s/dog/born 03.06.2004 (ex Lythwood Spritzer of Terriwood)
Ch Japaro Special Agent s/dog/born 17.05.2002 (ex Ch Japaro Satin'N'Lace)
Wendisle Country Classic JW s/dog/born 25.03 2002 (ex Wendisle Irish Melody)
Lacewood So Special JW s/dog/born 01.01.2005 (ex Lacewood Star Enchantress)
Int Ch Milesend Skywalker s/dog/born 07.02.2004 (ex Milesand Spinning Jenny,CC) in Ukraine
Milesend Calender Girl s/bitch/born 07.02.2004 (ex Milesand Spinning Jenny,CC)

Sired by
Ch Lythwood Shalako
(photo) s/born 09.02.2000
(Ch Lythwood Steptoe  ex Ch Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel)

Ch Japaro Robaidh at Lythwood s/dog/born 29.10.2002 (ex Japaro Forgotten Dreams)
Ch Lythwood Sacha JW, s/dog/born 16.06.2004 (ex Lythwood Scarlett Ribbon)
Ch Lythwood Slipper Orchid, s/bitch/born 16.06.2004 (ex Lythwood Scarlett Ribbon)
Ch Lythwood Sharp Shooter, s/dog/born 08.02.2006 (ex Lythwood Scarlett Ribbon)
Lythwood Scarlett Woman, s/bitch/born 08.02.2006 (ex Lythwood Scarlett Ribbon) CC 2006


Sired by Marklin Ensign at Lythwood
(Photo) s/born in 1994, CC Bornemouth 1999
(Marklin Wandasson at Shelridge  ex Marklin Dorothea)

Ch Lythwood Silence Is Golden s/dog/born 03.05.1997 (ex Lythwood Sugar'N'Candy)

Sired by Lythwood Skylight at Tegwel s/dog, born 08.04.1990  (Ch Lythwood Sky Master ex Lythwood Token)
Ir Ch Royal Oak of Wallstown t/dog/born  08.11.1994 (ex Heather Breeze Jet)



Sired by Ch Lythwood Sir Stanley (photo) s/born 23.01.1990
(Ch Lythwood Sky Master  ex  Lythwood Spun Gold)

Lythwood Saddler s/dog/born 18.06.1999 (ex Lythwood Scarlet Berry)

Sired by
Ch Lythwood Steptoe
(photo) s/born 18.07.1988
Ch Lythwood Scrabble  ex Lythwood Sea Urchin)

Ch Myriehewe Shotgun of Lochkaren s/dog/born 08.06.1994 (ex Ch Dalrannoch Gold Moidore of Myriehewe)
Ch Oakbark Playful Juliet s/bitch/born in 1992 (ex Sandwick Scintilation at Oakbank)
Ch Lythwood State Express s/bitch/born 06.03.1998 (ex Lythwood Selena)
Ch Lythwood She's Forever Amber s/bitch/born 02.02.1999 (ex Ch Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel)
Ch Lythwood Shalako  s/dog/born 09.02.2000 (ex Ch Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel)
Ch Lythwood Spin Doctor s/dog/born 09.02.2000 (ex Ch Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel)
Ch Lythwood Sixsmith JW s/dog/born 09.02.2000 (ex Ch Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel)
Ch Lythwood Spice Girl s/bitch/born 19.02.1998 (ex Ch Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel)

Sired by Ch Lythwood Scrabble (photo) s/born 04.05.1984
(Ch Lythwood Spruce  ex Lythwood Sea Nymph)

Ch Lythwood Steptoe s/dog/born 18.07.1988 (ex Lythwood Sea Urchin)
Ch Lythwood Solomon of Lochkaren s/dog/born 30.03.1989 (ex Lythwood Sarah Jane)
Ch Lythwood Sindy Lou s/bitch/born 18.07.1988 (ex Lythwood Sea Urchin)
Ch Bridgedale Kate Bush s/bitch/born 10.07 1988 (ex Ch Bridgedale Bali-Hi)
Dalsetter Grand Master s/dog/born in 1992 (ex Dalsetter Blushing Honours) CC in Belfast 1996 and IE Ch 1997

Sired by Lythwood Sandbagger of Tegwel s/born 24.05.1983 (Ch Francehill Andy Pandy  ex Ch Lythwood Sandlewood)
Ch Dippersmoor Damask of Sandwick s/bitch/born 17.11.1986 (ex Dippersmoor Dulcimer)
Ch Lythwood Sophies Girl s/bitch/born 13.07.1990 (ex Lythwood Sea Urchin)
Tegwel Rare Pearl at Polliwyn s/bitch/born in 1989 (ex Allanvail Gold Pearl of Tegwel) CC Leicester 1990


Sired by
Ch Lythwood Sky Master
(photo) s/born 01.05.1981
(Ch Sandpiper of Sharval  ex Lythwood Snaffy)

Ch Lythwood Space Man s/dog/born 05.05.1987 (ex Ch Lythwood Sea Nymph)
 Ch Manham The Joker s/dog/born 05.01.1984 (ex Ch Marnham Merry Maker)
Ch Marnham Melody at Arcot s/bitch/born 05.01.1984 (ex Ch Marnham Merry Maker)
Ch Mohnesee Sweet Margarita s/bitch/born 25.03.1992 (ex Ch Faybars Mai Tai With Mohnesee)
Ch Dalsetter The Sky The Limit s/dog/born 14.02.1990 (ex Mystic Dream of Dalsetter)
Ch Marklin Espree s/dog/born 11.05.1990 (ex Marklin Dorothea)
Ch Allanvail Scarletta of Tegwel s/bitch/born 09.07.1983 (ex Allanvail Gold Pearl at Tegwel)
Int Ch Serena of Tegwel s/bitch/born 09.07.1983 (ex Allanvail Gold Pearl at Tegwel)
Ch Lythwood Cheryldene Sweet Cumin s/bitch/born 24.08.1988 (ex Lythwood Sparkling Wine of Cheryldene)
Ch Tegwel Wild Ways of Sandwick s/dog/born 11.09.1989 (ex Marklin Wild Gypsy at Tegwel)
Ch Cheryldene Charlene  s/bitch,born 31.07.1986 (ex Lythwood Sparkling Wine of Cheryldene)
Ch Lythwood Sir Stanley s/dog/born 23.01.1993 (ex Lythwood Spun Gold)
Ch Lythwood Secret Dreams  s/bitch/born 17.07.1993 (ex Ch Lythwood Sindy Lou)
Lythwood Sky Lark s/bitch/born 24.07.1986 (ex Ch Lythwood Sandlewood) CC SKC 1988
Tegwel Seed Pearl s/bitch/born 18.03.1985 (ex Allanvail Gold Pearl at Tegwel) CC winner
Kencriss Good Time Boy s/dog/born in 1987 (ex Myriehewe Party Piece at Kencriss) CC SWKC
Dynamiles Princessita  s/bitch/born in 1988 (ex Milesend Maggie May at Dynamiles) CC Southern Countries 1993

Sired by Lythwood Twilight of Tegwel t/dog, born 18.09.1981 (Ch Nitelife Rogue Star ex Chevalyn Lavender Lady of Lythwood)
Ch Lythwood Mischief bm/bitch/born 23.12.1986 (ex Lythwood Moonbeam)


Sired by Singapore Ch Lythwood Sandman (photo) s/dog, born 30.07.1980
(Ch Riverhill Ricotta  ex Ch Lythwood Sandlewood)

Ch Franwick Esmeralda s/bitch/born 23.09.1982 (ex Franwick Twilight Dream)



Sired by
Ch Lythwood Spruce
(photo) s/born 10.08.1977
(Ch Lythwood Saga  ex Lythwood Spree)

Ch Lythwood Scrabble s/dog/born 04.05.1984 (ex Lythwood Sea Nymph)



Sired by Ch Lythwood Saga (photo) s/born 16.09.1976
(Ch Lythwood Brandy Snap ex Lythwood Sayonaris)

Ch Lythwood Spruce s/dog/born 10.08.1977 (ex Lythwood Spree)
Ch Lythwood Sandlewood s/bitch/born 11.04.1978 (ex Rannochmoor Real Sharmer)


Sired by
Ch Lythwood Snaffels
(photo) s/born 23.05.1976
(Ch Mistmere Marching Orders ex Dranoc Silhouette of Lythwood)

Diomed Entanglement s/bitch, born 05.04.1979 (ex Diomed Peggy Sue) CC winner

Sired by
Heathlow Harvest Time at Lythwood
(photo) s/dog, born 29.08.1973
(Riverhill Right Time ex Upperslaughter Amanda)

Ch Lythwood Sea Nymph s/bitch/born 06.12.1977 (ex Lythwood Tar Baby)


Sired by
Ch Lythwood Brandy Snap
(photo) s/born 27.06.1971
(Int Ch Jefsfire Allanvail Gold Spark ex Lythwood Bonnie)

Ch Lythwood Saga s/dog/born 16.09.1976 (ex Lythwood Sayonaries)
Philhope Dream Girl s/bitch, born 23.09.1973 (ex Philhope Moon Dream) CC at Bath 1976
Dippersmoor Debutant of Jefsfire s/bitch, born 30.03.1977
(ex Allensway 'Bitta' Sweet at Dippersmoor)
CC BOB Crufts 1978

Sired by Lythwood Sloopy of Dunbrae s/dog, (Int Nord Ch Heathlow Martext of Lythwood ex Lythwood Bonnie)
Ch Dunbrae Gold'N'Bianco of Diomed s/bitch, born 10.09.1973 (ex Sumburgh Fiona)

Sired by Lythwood Kimber s/dog, born 16.10.1964 (Mondeva Bronze Boy of Drannoc ex Moldeva Thalia)
Golden Gregory s/dog, born 23.05.1971 (ex Pingot Graceful Nymph)